Great for the entire family

"We love Dr. Lowe. He is very personable and took the time to get to know me and my two sons. We never feel rushed during our appointments. He is an excellent chiropractor and has a gentle touch. He also takes time to work on my feet, knees, arms or hands if I'm having any issues with them. He puts up with my crazy boys and helps them to stay healthy. We highly recommend him!"

                - Rachael, Nolan, and Riley C.

Back Pain/Herniated Disc

In summer 2012, I was excited to begin a new job, but after a few short weeks, I was in the all too familiar position of suffering from debilitating back pain.  I had gone through similar situations prior, so I knew I could expect a solid 8-10 weeks where simply standing or walking caused extreme pain.  This was very stressful as I had not accrued sick or personal leave.  I could see my financial situation worsen as I considered taking unpaid leave from work as no amount of pain killers gave me relief.   

To my fortune, I was connected with Dr. Lowe who took great care and patience with me.  After a few sessions, my pain decreased enough to get back to work, which was a huge relief!  I continued to receive care from Dr. Lowe over the ensuing months and made huge strides in my recovery and overall health.  I'm very thankful to Dr. Lowe for getting me back to work much quicker than I thought possible, and for guiding me on a path to recovery.  I now have my hobbies back and no need for the unhealthy habit of anti-inflammatory pills!

                - Rob O.

Headaches/Sports Performance

"Dr. Lowe is an amazing chiropractor.  I am a runner, and he spent extra time on my feet and knees in order to better my performance and help me achieve my personal best.  I also used to get frequent headaches, which are now almost completely gone!  My quality of life is better thanks to Dr. Lowe.  I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to better their athletic performance, get healthy, and stay healthy."

                - Whitney S.

Athletic Performance

"After just one week of care I was able to triple my running distance.  I used to get Achilles pain after 1 mile and had to stop.  Now I'm able to run 3 miles without nearly the same amount of pain."

                - Joe G.

Back/Shoulder/Ankle Pain

"Dr. Lowe is a great chiropractor that makes everything relaxing and comfortable (I especially enjoyed his back adjustments as they gave me no pain and felt very smooth). Dr. Lowe worked primarily with my lower back, right shoulder, and my right ankle because of previous injuries I had acquired in High School sports. After only a month or so of about 3-5 visits a week I now have greater mobility in both my shoulder and ankle and have virtually no more day to day pain in these areas. Can't wait to make a visit when I am back in town. Thanks Doctor Lowe!!! 

                - Reed O.

Shoulder Pain

If your looking for a very relaxed and welcoming place check out Dr. Aaron Lowe! Very personable. My Husband and I are feeling great after our first Appointment ever. Highly recommended and will be going back. Since having my first Appointment things are feeling great and I can stand at work and no longer feel shoulder pressure. Dr Lowe Spent quality time specifically working on my husbands shoulder. He has been more comfortable and a lot less groaning.

            - Danielle B.

Shoulder Pain/Runner

Dr Lowe was my ANGEL of mercy at this run and helped me with a tremendously painful flare-up I had today. I can't begin to say how grateful I am and I will definitely be calling on him again!!!

            - Meredith H.

Groin Pain

Horrible inner thigh pain was a sprain/strained muscle. Thanks to my chiropractor Dr. Lowe, I'm feeling better and ready for this to heal! :))

            - Monique M.

58:44 for the 10K tonight.  I stretched, did the leg weighted exercises, 1/2 mile warm up and 15 minute rest and stretched, and then ran the 6.2.  Little to no pain. The treatment was awesome.

             - Michael J.

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