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A Message From Dr. Lowe:

Dear Valued Patients,

Lowe Chiropractic cares about your safety during these uncertain times. We are taking COVD-19 very seriously. I want to let our patients know about several proactive steps we have been taking to ensure your health and safety while receiving chiropractic care:

  • A Clean Office is a Safe Office - At Lowe Chiropractic, we always wipes down tables and surfaces after each patient. We are taking extra precautions to keep the office clean by wiping pens, chairs, clipboards, and any touchable surface down regularly. Rest assured that our chiropractic office is clean and ready to serve you.

  • Skip the Waiting Room - We serve patients in a timely manner and have spread out appointment times to reduce time spent in the waiting room. If you​ feel more comfortable waiting in your car before your appointment, I can call or text you when I'm ready and come lead you into a private room. All treatment rooms at Lowe Chiropractic are private and thoroughly cleaned after each patient. 

  • Start Your Paperwork at Home - If this will be your first visit, instead of completing the new patient paperwork in the waiting room, we can email the paperwork in advance of your appointment. You can email it back to me to print in the office or bring your printed paperwork with you. 

  • Free Virtual Consultations - Stay home and schedule your initial consultation to shorten your time in the office. Speak directly with me via Zoom or FaceTime and discuss your needs or physical pains before you come in for your first adjustment. Call or Email us to request a virtual consultation. 

We are following all CDC guidelines and remaining flexible as new information becomes available and new prevention measures need to be taken. Whether you are a returning patient or this is your first visit, I thank you and I'm honored to serve you. 


Dr. Aaron Lowe, DC

Lowe Chiropractic

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