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Wondering if chiropractic is right for you?

Here is some basic info and some frequently asked questions:

Why Choose Chiropractic?


Chiropractic is a natural, drugless approach to pain management, increased function, and improved overall health. Lowe Chiropractic prides itself in delivering affordable and accessible care to the community so everyone can have the healthcare they need and deserve.  By utilizing comfortable adjusting techniques, myofascial therapy, and physiotherapy modalities, Dr. Lowe is able to get you out of pain and improve your health fast!

Is Chiropractic Safe?


Chiropractic is extremely safe.  Your initial visit will consist of a thorough history and physical examination to determine if Chiropractic is the right choice for you.  If indicated, our office additionally utilizes x-ray to make sure you receive the safest and most effective care possible.  We take every step to ensure your visit to our office is comfortable and welcoming and we make sure every question you have about your health is answered.

What should I expect when I go to a Chiropractor?


Get ready to have a REAL patient-doctor relationship.  We care about you as a person, not just the symptom or condition you are coming in with.  Having a doctor that actually knows and cares about their patient allows for truly personalized care.  This means better quality healthcare designed specifically for your needs!  Our office combines comfortable adjustments with state of the art physiotherapy to get you healthy and out of pain...FAST!

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?


Chiropractic Adjustments are designed to correct the alignment of your body.  Chiropractors will apply a gentle force, called an adjustment, to areas of the body that are out of alignment and do not function the way they should.  After the adjustment, a patient will notice immediate relief, decreased pain, increased range of motion, and increased function.  Chiropractic adjustments are safe and the most effective natural, drugless therapy for increasing overall health and well being.

Can I take pain medication to fix my problems?


Pain medication does not fix the problem, but only masks your pain.  Once the drug wears off, your pain is back and the cycle continues.  Doctors of Chiropractic realize that only the body can truly heal itself, so it is our job to find the root cause of your problem.  Once we detect the cause, our aim to correct it and put your body in the right alignment so healing can occur.  When your body is properly aligned, pain is reduced and function is increased.

Once I See a Chiropractor Do I Have to Go For the Rest of My Life?


People who utilize Chiropractic do so for many reasons.  Some patients choose to use Chiropractic services only when they are in pain and simply cannot take it anymore.  Others choose to come in on a routine basis even if they are not in pain.  Our office believes that your health is your choice.  If relief care and pain management is what you want, then you have the option to decide how often you want to receive care.  If you see the benefits of being under routine Chiropractic Care on a wellness basis, our office provides affordable payment plans to fit your needs.

Do I Need a Referral to See a Chiropractor?


Doctors of Chiropractic are primary health care providers.  This means that you do not need a referral from a Medical Doctor or any other health professional to get care.  Chiropractors are extensively trained in the diagnosis of spinal related disorders and masters of manual therapy techniques to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

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